Tuesday, December 3, 2019

My name is Jackson Fenner. I am a lawyer. I am not a politician. I am running as an independent candidate for Knox County Law Director. 

I earned both my bachelor’s degree and my law degree from the University of Tennessee. I have practiced law in Knoxville for nine years and have lived here for twenty-two years. I have handled thousands of cases in nearly every type of law. I am ready to be your Law Director. 

The Law Director’s job is to represent, advise, and advocate for our County. On August 6, 2020, you will choose a lawyer to represent you and your neighbors. Consider this:

In your personal life, if you were in a situation where you needed a lawyer, you would not choose a lawyer based on his or her political affiliation. If you are fighting for more visitation time with your children, or you were seriously injured, or a family member is facing prison, you don’t care who your lawyer voted for in the last election. You care about that lawyer’s skills, reputation, and experience. You choose a lawyer based on that lawyer’s attention to detail, diligence, and his or her sense of duty and ethics. Of course, cost always matters too. 

As a private attorney, I have built a practice here in Knox County over the last nine years. Always an advocate and adviser, I fight hard for my clients. I’ve always maintained low overhead, so I can provide excellent representation at a cost lower than other, less efficient attorneys. As the Law Director, I will save the County money by avoiding frivolous and costly litigation. 

The Knoxville Bar Association, Legal Aid of East Tennessee, and the Supreme Court of Tennessee have all recognized me for my dedication to public service. I have represented countless clients at low to no cost. Public service is a calling. Everyone needs a lawyer sometimes. Let me be yours. Choose a lawyer. 

Vote Jackson Fenner on August 6, 2020.